Cirrus Tech Expands Support for Virtual Server Plans

Cirrus Tech announced the expansion of its support for virtual private server plans utilising the Windows and Linux platforms.

This Canadian web-hosting provider decided to expand its support services after recently launching a private cloud hosting service. These new additions to its portfolio means the company can appeal to more customers and provide a more personalised service.

The new support options include additional assistance with configuring server applications and implementing the latest security patches. There is also a managed support option available for all virtual server plans bought by existing customers.

New customers signing up for VPS plans must go through the process of migrating to the new services. Cirrus Tech has already installed contingency plans to support customers undergoing migration.

The support team is well trained and is available for clients who need help with cPanel and Plesk. These two platforms act as the pillars of any VPS plan, therefore it’s imperative clients gain full support. There’s also plenty of detailed instructions for using things like the Remote Desktop, FTP, and SSH functionalities.

Ehsan Mirdamadi, the CEO of Cirrus Tech said, “We are really excited about making managed support available to all Cirrus VPS users.” He continued to say, “It makes our VPS plans all inclusive covering everything a business might need in getting themselves set up. We understand that not all businesses have the technical expertise or the internal resources to effectively manage their VPS hosting set-up. Which is why we decided that we wanted the Cirrus environment to be fully supported. Any user that is either currently using or wants to migrate to our VPS can feel confident knowing they are fully covered.”

What makes it stand out from other support services is it automatically steps in if it spots any security flaws, such as not having the latest patch installed. Such an attentive service makes Cirrus one of the most efficient online security providers in North America.

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