Cirrus Tech Ltd. Recognized As Top 10 Cloud Provider

Every month, the editorial staff at HostReview chooses 10 Web hosting companies from around the world to be recognized for their accomplishments in cloud computing. Canada’s Cirrus Tech Ltd. was so honoured for the month of May (2012) based on the company’s reputation and all they have accomplished in the cloud computing industry thus far. To be included in this top 10 group is considered very important given the sheer number of providers there are around the globe.

“We’re thrilled to be included in HostReview’s list of top 10 cloud hosting companies,” Cirrus CEO Ehsan Mirdamadi said. “For our team, seeing our customers benefit from all the great things cloud hosting has to offer is credit enough. But we really appreciate receiving outward recognition for our cloud successes from a site as reputable as HostReview, especially since we just launched the Cirrus cloud in January. We see this award as a testament to our commitment to quality, reliability and performance.”

The idea behind the cloud computing recognition from HostReview is to officially recognize web hosting companies making significant contributions to cloud computing. A whole host of criteria is considered when the editorial staff evaluates the companies each month including customer service, independent user reviews, server performance, overall service reliability, and the infrastructure that backs the entire system of. All of these criteria is carefully evaluated and compared against in-house monitoring by the HostReview team.

In addition to gaining some name recognition, the award is also testament that Cirrus Tech is on the right track with their cloud services. It is just one of many the company has won in the past for the service they provide.

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