Cirrus Tech Partners with StarWind

A press release put out on 1 August 2012 by leading Canadian web-hosting company Cirrus Tech Ltd., has announced the companies new partnership with StarWind, a global provider of storage management and SAN software for small and medium-sized businesses.

Specialising in VM, VPS and cloud hosting services, Cirrus Tech’s partnership with StarWind will give new and existing customers the chance to access dedicated enterprise-level cloud storage platforms at low-cost prices. Chief Executive Officer of StarWind, Artem Berman explains the deal in the press release:

“Companies are increasingly turning to cloud services to gain efficiencies and respond faster to today’s changing business requirements. We are pleased to combine our forces with Cirrus Tech to deliver our customers a wide range of innovative cloud services which will help their transition to a flexible and efficient shared IT infrastructure.”

Cirrus and VPS customers can begin using StarWind’s flagship iSCSI SAN software from the middle of August. iSCSI SAN can be used for virtualization of platforms to create a “fault-tolerant, fail-safe virtual environment with high availability similar to what a high-end storage product would offer, without the high-end price tag.”

Cirrus CEO Ehsan Mirdamadi explained the importance of the deal: “Every business needs to consider what would happen in the event of a disaster,” adding, “By bringing StarWind’s SAN solution to our customers, we are helping them to ease the burden of disaster recovery planning by offering powerful and affordable storage options. You never want to think of the worst, but when it comes to your sensitive data and business critical web operations, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Being safe just got that much easier for Cirrus customers.”

The deal certainly seems like one that all parties will benefit from.


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