Clearing the Cache in Joomla


It has been a long and frustrating day spent trying to make some crucial changes to your Joomla website. After reading a bunch of material, deciding on those changes and making them, you then go to view your page and find out none of the changes has stuck! What is up with that!? In all likelihood, your Joomla cache needs to be cleared.

Just for the record, a cache in Internet terms has to do with saving web pages on your hard drive. In order to make loading faster, a web browser stores fresh copies of the web pages you visit so that when you return to the same page, it doesn’t have to waste time reloading it from the server unless changes have been made. Joomla works the same way. The problem is, sometimes the software and the cache do not communicate properly.

We want to give you two tips for dealing with a troublesome cache in Joomla. The first tip is to disable the cache while you are in development mode; the second is to learn a quick and easy way to clear the cache for other times.

Turning off the Cache

A good time to turn the cache off is when you are in development mode. If you are like most website owners and developers, you want to see little changes as you make them. The cache only interferes by filling up quickly and eventually confusing the software. The good news is that it is easy to turn off.

To turn off the cache, navigate to the ‘Global Configuration’ tab, and then select the ‘System’ tab. In the drop down you should see the cache settings option; click on it and choose the first drop-down box to disable caching. Now you will get a fresh load of your page every time you load it in your browser. You can develop to your heart’s content watching the changes on the fly. When you’re done, just repeat the above process to turn caching back on.

Clearing the Cache

You can clear your Joomla cache either manually or with an extension. Clearing it manually involves going into the ‘Maintenance’ tab followed by clicking on the ‘Clear Cache’ option. From there you will have to select which items to delete, from a list of everything that is in your cache. This can be time-consuming and a bit frustrating if you do not know much about the cache. However, there is an easy way to do it by way of the Cache Cleaner extension.

You can install the extension by using the Extension Manager and choosing to install from the web. Search for Cache Cleaner, select it, and confirm download and installation. In no time, you will have access to one-click cache cleaning.

If the installation were successful, you should see the Cache Cleaner button in your bottom toolbar. Just click the button and let the extension handle the rest. You’ll be left with an empty cache and freshly loaded pages with all of your changes intact.

The cache in Joomla can be annoying when it gets too full. Therefore, keep in mind, cleaning it every now and again is a good idea. Moreover, do not forget to turn it off while you are developing a new site; you will save yourself a lot of hair pulling and frustrating days.

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