Codero Hosting Moves Hosting Services to Dell Hardware

Web hosting provider Codero Hosting announced that it had moved a number of its existing hosting services over to new Dell hardware. It also mentioned that the aforementioned Dell hardware came in the form of the PowerEdge server.

It is a clear sign from the web host that it intends to branch out from from its small business customer focus to enterprise-grade hosting. Unlike other web hosts, it wants to appeal to a wide range of customers, not one or two specific markets. Codero has already said that the PowerEdge servers will better serve the needs of its enterprise customers because these offer enhanced storage, the latest processors from Intel, and more RAM.

The CEO and president of Codero Hosting, Emil Sayegh, said in a statement, “We are coming off a great year in 2012 and by expanding our portfolio to include Dell-branded hardware in 2013, we strengthen and further accelerate Coder’s enterprise-grade offerings.”

The president also stated how it was an easy decision to decide to work with Dell, due to that company’s long history and experience in working with cloud hosting companies. What Emil Sayegh also said about Dell was, “A robust cloud and hosting platform requires both operational excellence and engineering creativity. Dell is uniquely qualified to deliver on both. Codero now can focus on delivering an exceptional hosting service experience to our customers, while Dell enables us with reliable hardware solutions.”

The executive director of Dell Preferred Accounts, Sam Miller, said in a statement that Codero could now eliminate costly hardware unknowns. By migrating to Dell PowerEdge servers, Codero Hosting would give its clients peace of mind due to better security and more reliability.

Observers expect this move to signal Codero’s focus for the year of 2013. With major moves made in 2012 towards small businesses, it undoubtedly wants to bring its enterprise-grade services up to the same level.

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