Codero Hosting Offers Managed Hosting for Small Businesses

Codero Hosting has unveiled its latest initiative called ‘Managed Hosting That Fits Your Needs’ to offer dedicated managed hosting plans for small business owners.

It is a move that comes only months after it launched the MicroCloud private hosting line to offer affordable and scalable infrastructure for the benefit of small businesses.

The new program uses an a la carte services option with scalability options for adjusting to specific infrastructures. Each hosting plan includes 12 terabytes of free bandwidth permanently. Codero will also provide an updated security service designed to defend against hackers and spammers.

Emil Sayegh, the president and CEO of Codero Hosting, said, “We tried to think of everything a business website needs to remain online safely and securely and we integrated those features into a managed hosting plan.”

Customers who decide to opt for this new service will have most of their server management needs taken care of. This is a massive boon for businesses as it allows them to redirect their resources towards their own business details. Included as part of the package is a 24-hour monitoring service with a scalable infrastructure perfectly adapted to the company’s needs.

When clients decide to purchase a plan, they will have a choice of three solutions: Basic, Select, and Premium. These have a variety of different features, along with alternative prices. Each service includes a U.S.-based support team guaranteeing 100 percent uptime around the clock.

The Scope of Support Overview document produced by Codero Hosting provides a complete breakdown about the level of support each client gets when he or she host their dedicated server with the company.

This latest move is a firm indicator of where the company wants to continue to move in the future. And it is no surprise as its competitors continue to move towards the crowded enterprise hosting market.

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