Codero Hosting Unleashes MicroCloud Product Line

Web host Codero Hosting announced its range of new products in the industry of private cloud hosting. Branded as MicroCloud, the new products will provide scaled solutions for small businesses to store their data in a safe and secure environment.

The move comes as no surprise as Codero Hosting is in the middle of a golden age with recent new appointments to senior corporate positions and the opening of a new outpost in Austin, Texas.

Codero Hosting made the announcement in a press release posted on its website. In the press release, it discussed the need for companies to protect their data against potent attacks from third parties. It also provided an insight into how customers can: “manage their virtualization platform directly so that they can unify application workloads and optimize their overall computing spend.”

Customers can take advantage of MicroCloud for a variety of different hardware, as well as deciding whether to take advantage of ESXi, VMWare, or Citrix XenServer hypervisor.

The company also wants to expand its initial product line of private cloud hosting offerings by adding more orchestration stacks and hypervisors.

The product SVP for Codero Hosting, Chandler Vaughn also said: “MicroCloud offers customers the flexibility of cloud computing in private, with 100 percent dedicated hardware. No matter how many virtual machines a customer launches on their infrastructure, the MicroCloud will always be at a set monthly price.” He continued to say: “Our goal at Codero is to enable customers to leverage the best of both virtualized and dedicated servers so that they can place their workloads on preferred platforms, all with the reliability and exceptional service Codero is known for.”

Customers who utilise the new MicroCloud service will enhance their operations by gaining full control over its hypervisor, a dedicated infrastructure to give the network full security, and a variety of customisation options to tailor the serve to their requirements.

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