Cogeco Data Services Expands in Toronto

Cogeco Data Services, a Canadian web hosting provider specializing in high-speed, low-latency IT solutions, has announced the opening of a new data centre in downtown Toronto. The addition of the new data centre, which sits in the heart of the city’s business district, was necessary in order for Cogeco to keep pace with an ever-increasing demand for Canada-centric cloud solutions. And despite the fact that many hosting companies are being driven away from the city by high real-estate prices, Cogeco believes their Toronto location is the right choice.

“The trend has been to move data centres outside the downtown core because real estate is at a premium in major economic hubs like Toronto,” said Cogeco president Tony Ciciretto. “But Canada’s largest business district has unique needs including access to unparalleled speed and the ability to access facilities quickly for maintenance activities or in the event of an emergency. Even brief delays for a financial or business transaction can mean the difference of millions of dollars and that means that customers of our downtown facility will have a distinct advantage in meeting and exceeding the extreme latency and proximity requirements of the business sector.”

One of the best features of the company’s new data centre is its power capabilities. The centre has more than sufficient municipal power for normal operations, plus two emergency generators and two on-site UPS power solutions capable of dealing with fluctuations in the city’s grid system. Cogeco says the data centre will provide 100% up-time, 24/7 systems monitoring, enhanced security, and more. It is part of an expansion strategy that also includes a new facility planned for Barrie, Ontario. Construction in Barrie is expected to get under way shortly.

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