Cologix Formally Announces It Is Open for Business

Cologix, the brand-new start-up offering collocation and interconnection services in Canada and the U.S. has officially launched its company and is now open for business. According to the company announcement, Cologix has just completed its fourth acquisition, adding to a very impressive list that has been building over the last eight months. Acquisitions include Montréal’s Canix Colo, Toronto’s Standard Connections, Telehouse Centre Canada locations in both Vancouver and Toronto, and the Navisite data centre at Dallas Infomart. Cologix has said that with each acquisition, current staff have been added to the new company payroll.

At the centre of Cologix’ new business are nine Meet-Me-Rooms strategically located throughout North America which will allow inter-connectivity between dozens of networks. Nowhere is that more apparent than Montréal, where Cologix is poised to be one of the leading network providers by offering direct connections to the Montréal International Internet Exchange. According to company officials, Montréal is quickly becoming a very attractive alternative to New York City-based connections.

In Toronto, Cologix has more than 150 clients on Front Street with connectivity to the Toronto Internet Exchange and 125 other networks. In Vancouver, the company recently doubled its space in order to be able to properly handle the ever-increasing traffic in a city where Canadian, Asian, and U.S. networks converge. Yet according to Cologix COO Todd Coleman, it’s more about business relationships than technical numbers.

“Our acquisitions have each brought long-standing customer relationships, great business partners and valuable interconnection positions in highly strategic markets,” he said in the official announcement.  “Our platform is now a critical part of our customers’ network infrastructure and we will continue to demonstrate our high service standard and local customer support.”

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