Coming Up with a Killer Name for Your Store

So, you are a brand-new retailer just getting started with Shopify. Hopefully you haven’t yet chosen your domain name or store name. Why? Because your choice of names will impact how well your business does. Choosing a name is not something that should be treated lightly. You should put as much thought into it as you do every other aspect of your enterprise.

Coming Up with a Killer Name for Your Store

In the online world, a store name and domain name are often integrated. Sometimes they are identical, other times they are merely similar. In either case, whatever name you choose is going to go on to be the identity that your store lives or dies by. So, it’s important that you come up with a killer name that will set the stage for business success.

1. Keep It Simple

The number one rule for choosing a store name is to keep it simple. Remember, your store and domain names are going to be similar if not identical. Using a name too hard for people to remember is only going to make it more difficult to generate traffic.

This rule is especially important if the name of your store differs from the name of your legally registered business. For example, your business might be registered as ‘Acme Online Enterprises Ltd.’ or something similar. It would be foolish to use the same name for your store unless there is something specific about it you are trying to emphasize. Instead, the name you associate with your store and domain should be a lot less complicated.

2. Keep It Relevant

The name you choose should be relevant to the business you are engaged in. If you are in the business of selling shoes, relate your name to shoes. If you’re selling cell phone accessories, find a way to link your name to those accessories. Relevance helps customers remember your store. It also plays well in search engines.

3. Consider Branding Potential

Marketing experts say that you should be as creative as possible with your store name. In the online world, naming a store goes beyond just creativity to include branding potential. Work on coming up with a name that lends itself well to the principle of branding. Your company’s brand will create a visual image in the minds of customers that will help them remember the name of your store and its domain.

4. Look at Other Names

An unspoken rule of business is to not to use a store name that is too similar to someone else’s. Above and beyond that are trademark issues. Whatever name you come up with should be researched before you begin using it to ensure it does not violate an existing trademark. Otherwise you could find yourself in legal trouble.

Spend as much time as necessary to come up with a killer name. If you brainstorm for weeks and still cannot come up with something, Shopify does offer a free Business Name Generator tool you can find on its website.

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