Commonwealth Legal and D4 Announced Joint Venture

Commonwealth Legal, a Canadian web host provider aimed exclusively at the legal world, has joined forces with US-based D4 to bring a powerful document sharing platform to both United States and Canada. The new project utilizes the Relativity® hosting platform, which allows law firms, corporate clients, and government agencies who currently subscribe to D4 or Commonwealth Legal web hosting to post their documents both in Canada and the States. The platform allows for a more free flow of information within the legal industry.

The most promising aspect of the Relativity® platform lies in its ability to manage documents in a secure cloud platform. The majority of the hosted documents are evidentiary in nature, meaning security is an absolute must. Along with common text formats, the platform provides a number of tools that will allow users to fully move between different formats for graphics and databases. The platform includes a complete suite of tools for search and analysis as well as work-flow charting, reporting, and billing.

“After performing an in-depth evaluation of Relativity® to verify its performance and alignment to the needs of the Canadian legal market, we are very excited to implement this state-of-the-art review technology in Canada with our US-based partner, D4,” said Commonwealth Legal’s Jennifer Johnson. “The technology will be hosted and managed within our highly-secure Canadian IT infrastructure, while drawing on D4’s experience to ensure clients receive the highest level of service and performance from day one.”

The partnership between the two companies means D4 is the only Relativity® partner operating simultaneously in both the U.S. and Canadian markets. The partnership also means the combined network now makes it the largest of its kind in North America.

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