Commonwealth Legal Sends eDiscovery to the Cloud

Commonwealth Legal, which provides services for litigation support solutions and evidence management, revealed their new service in the form of eDiscovery on the 7th of March 2012.

eDiscovery is designed to act as a service which allows customers to manage all of their electronic data, as part of the cloud. Customers who use the eDiscovery service will have access to a broad toolkit to help them customise and manage their data through powerful litigation technology. eDiscovery is geared towards corporations and law companies which will have to pay a fixed monthly rate to continue using the service.

Jennifer Johnson, the Director of Professional Services at Commonwealth Legal said that: “Case needs are changing, and the idea that one litigation support technology will work for all cases is no longer sustainable. Both law firm and corporate clients are demanding greater capabilities at a more cost-effective rate and, in some cases, fixed fee pricing on variable cost services,” She then went on to say that: “eDiscovery Managed Services offers an affordable option that immediately enhances the legal team’s capabilities, provides on-demand scalability and allows law firms to stay focused on servicing their clients. By managing aspects of the technology on their behalf, we are able to empower legal teams to manage their cases in a more powerful and effective way than ever before.”

The President of Commonwealth Legal commented on the company’s past activities by saying that: “Founded in 2000, Commonwealth Legal was the first full-service litigation support service provider to offer web-hosted solutions within a Tier IV Data Center,”

Those who want to take out a subscription with the eDiscovery can either purchase a subscription, with a fixed monthly rate, on a short or long-term basis.

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