ControlCircle Appoints New Director and Sees Profits Grow

ControlCircle, a UK provider of web hosting, announced it had appointed Matthew Parker as the firm’s new company sales director. It also announced a major revenue milestone for the company.

Matthew Parker is an industry veteran after serving as the sales manager for the KRCS Group and the account manager of Vanco. As part of his role at ControlCircle he will work to promote growth and retention amongst the host’s customer base. Targeted marketing campaigns will also fall under his domain.

Appointing yet another major tech talent follows the company’s recent acquisitions and expansion projects. Lately, it even expanded into Singapore where it provides support for customers in the growing Asia-Pacific region.

ControlCircle also revealed how it passed £20 million in revenue this year for the company. Although this is certainly a major achievement, the real good news came with the results of their year-on-year profits, which showed significant growth in a variety of sectors like e-retail, insurance, and recruitment.

Carmen Carey, the ControlCircle CEO spoke: “We are delighted to welcome some great brands to our portfolio this year and to see the continued investment in our managed services portfolio so well received.” The CEO continued to speak about the acquisition of Matthew Parker: “Matthew will be a significant asset to our management team, and a key contributor to our two-year growth plan. We will also continue our search for dynamic individuals to join us, with experience ranging the spectrum of application development, networking and security, storage and data centre expertise.”

ControlCircle also decided to launch its new cloud platform earlier this year, which is known as Hybrix. Observers expect this strong trend of growth to continue over the next few years as its taking advantage of major growth markets around the world.

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