CPanel Announces Investment in WHMCS

One of the biggest names in control panel development for the Web hosting world is none other than cPanel. Yet with all the strengths the platform provides, one thing it lacks is an integrated billing system allowing wholesale Web hosters and resellers to manage billing tasks in a unified environment. That may be slated to change in the future now that cPanel officials have announced a financial investment in WHMCS, one of the industry’s leading billing software developers.

No details about the deal were released with last week’s announcement, but cPanel Vice President Aaron Phillips hinted the investment could have long-term benefits if his company is able to eventually integrate WHMCS into the cPanel environment. The company decided not to develop its own in-house billing tool to compete against WHMCS, seeing that as a losing strategy. WHMCS already enjoys widespread acceptance in the industry, making the cPanel investment much more prudent than trying to do something on their own.

According to Phillips the deal is still in the financial stage. Once that’s complete he expects his company to be able to lend their expertise in software building to the WHMCS team led by CEO Matt Pugh. Interestingly enough, when Pugh began development of WHMCS he was also working on cPanel at the time. His hope at the time was that the two would eventually be integrated into a common environment. Now it seems that hope might become reality.

For the time being the web hosting world will have to sit back and wait to see what course the partnership will take. For now, cPanel is describing arrangement as a “brain trust” between the two. Hopefully there will be something more concrete to look at before the end of the year.

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