Craigslist Canada Temporarily Taken Down for Unexplained Reasons

Canadian users of the wildly popular Craigslist website were a bit surprised this past Tuesday (November 29, 2011) when the site’s normal home page was replaced with a message stating that Craigslist was temporarily down. Although two separate messages were used during the course of the outage, the reason for the service interruption has not yet been officially confirmed. Service has since been restored to all of the individual Canadian Craigslist sites.

When the outage first began users were greeted with a very lengthy message which stated:

“The website formerly operating at this domain violated Craigslist’s Terms of Use and/or enabled or facilitated others in violating the TOU, and/or infringed craigslist’s trademark(s) or other intellectual property.”

“Craigslist does not permit automated posting or the employment of posting agents (software or human). Users who post non-local or irrelevant content, repeatedly post the same or similar content, or otherwise misuse Craigslist’s services detract from the user experience for all Craigslist users.”

It was later replaced by a much shorter message which simply said:

“Hello Canada! Technical issues are currently affecting access to Craigslist Canada sites for many users. All hands are working to get this sorted out asap. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

According to officials at Craigslist all of the Canadian sites are back up and running, although some remain unpredictable. They continue to investigate the source of the outage and promise to release any relevant information as it becomes available. As yet no one has mentioned the possibility of an outside attack, but that certainly remains on the table.

Currently there are 55 Canadian Craigslist sites servicing major cities like Toronto, Calgary, and Montreal.

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