Creating a To-Do List in WordPress


It seems as if everyone has a to-do list that is a mile long; sometimes though, keeping track of that list is a chore in and of itself.  Sticky notes can easily go missing, and even longer paper lists can end up with so many mark-outs and changes on them that they’re almost impossible to read.  Programs such as Outlook can let you create virtual to-do lists, but what happens if you’re away from your computer and need to see what tasks you have on the schedule or check a note you made?  Fortunately, there is a way of creating to-do lists on WordPress that lets you effectively take your list with you no matter where you are and easily share it with others.  This WordPress how-to will walk you through the steps it takes to set up one of these lists.

One of the best plugins out there for creating to-do lists in called Cleverness To-Do List.  This plugin can be downloaded from and is completely free.  It lets you create a new post type on the dashboard.  It has a number of different options that let you customize how your to-do list looks.  You can let each user on your WordPress site create their own private list, or you can create a master list that everyone can see and edit.

Once you have downloaded and installed the plugin, you will be able to go into its settings and change how the to-do list operates.  When you do so, you’ll see four different tabs.  The first is the to-do list settings screen.  This is where you will make most of your customization selections.  Other tabs include Advanced Settings, User Permissions, and Import/Export, but generally, you’ll want to leave the settings on those tabs on their default selections.

Categories – you can enable categories for the to-do list, which makes it easier to organize.

List view – if you select individual, each user will have his or her own list.  If you select group, all users will share a list.  Master creates a master list for all users but each user can complete items individually.

Sort order – the list can be sorted alphabetically, by priority, or by category.

Show options – you can select yes or no for the following: show who added the item, show the date it was completed, show the deadline, and show what progress has been made.

You can also turn on the admin bar menu, a WYSIWYG editor, and tell the list to automatically paragraph items.

Once you start using the plugin, you will easily be able to create new items.  Just go to the list and click on Add New Item or scroll down below the to-do lists and use the form there.  You can give the task a short description, set its priority, select what category it goes in, and design who it is assigned to.  You can even upload or insert images and other media files.

As the assigned user works on the task, they can go back into the item and change the progress so that you know the task is progressing according to schedule.

Once an item is finished, the check box can be clicked to indicate that it is finished.  This moves the item from the to-do list to the completed list.

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