Creating and Accepting Gift Cards with Shopify


Your Shopify store has two primary kinds of customers: those who purchase your products for themselves and those who buy to give to others. You can enhance the shopping experience of the latter group by creating and accepting gift cards. Gift cards give your customers a flexible way to offer your products as gifts while allowing recipients to choose specifically what they want. And unlike gift certificates, gift cards can be used across multiple purchases.

Creating and accepting gift cards starts by activating the gift card feature within the Shopify platform. To do so, enter your Shopify admin panel and then navigate to Products> Gift Cards. Click on ‘start selling gift cards on my store’. The system will immediately create your first gift card ready for you to edit to your liking. It will remain hidden until you activate the card.

Please note that accepting gift cards in Shopify requires a paid plan (professional or higher). If you do not have a paid plan yet, it may be well worth it if you believe offering gift cards can boost your business substantially.

Creating and Editing Your Gift Cards

With gift cards activated, you can start creating and editing as many cards as you like. It is helpful to create multiple denominations to satisfy the needs of the widest range of customers. If your store offers particular speciality items you want to push over and above your regular stock, you can create gift cards accordingly. It is also a good idea to create exclusive gift cards that you can tie into specific holidays, such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Creating and managing gift cards is simple in Shopify. In your admin panel, simply navigate to Products> Gift Cards. There you will see a list of all existing cards along with an option to create new cards. Within this module you can:

  • create individual gift cards and/or gift card collections
  • specify price denominations for each of your cards
  • manage all existing gift cards currently in your store,
  • issue exclusive gift cards as part of a customer reward program
  • message customers enquiring about gift card balances
  • customize the look and feel of all of your gift cards
  • customize the message your customers receive after purchasing a card
  • establish expiration dates and fulfilment settings for each card.

Shopify offers a lot of flexibility for creating, selling, and managing gift cards for your store. The only thing it does not do is create tangible, plastic cards like the ones you might find at the pharmacy or big-box department store. If you want that extra capability, you would have to acquire the hardware and materials to print your cards in-house or contract with a specialist provider who can print them for you.

Creating and accepting gift cards in your store could increase your business quite a bit. Remember, people love gift cards. These are a flexible option for gift-giving in the modern era of online shopping.

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