Creating and Managing Staff Accounts


You set up your Shopify store some time ago to sell products you truly believe in. After a lot of hard work and sweat, you are now ready to add staff to accommodate your growing business. That’s great! But consider this: you will probably have to give your staff access to your Shopify account to enable them to do their jobs. How you set up those accounts matters.

You can establish and maintain staff accounts with different privileges. The idea here is to give each staff member access only to those sections of your account they need to do their jobs. Everything else can remain private. In this post, we will describe how to set up a new staff account with defined privileges.

Adding a New Account

Adding a new account begins by logging into your Shopify account as the owner. Then go to the admin section and navigate to Settings> Account. From there, you will click on ‘Add a staff member’ at the left side of your screen. You will be presented with a dialogue box where you can enter data for:

  • first name
  • last name
  • e-mail address.

At the bottom of the dialogue box will be ‘Cancel’ and ‘Send invite’ buttons. Enter the data and click ‘Send invite’; this will generate an automatic e-mail that gets sent to your staff member. That staff member can respond, thus completing the process of setting up the new account.

Once your staff member has confirmed, you can go back into that account and modify it at any time. You can modify e-mail addresses, first and last names, passwords (optional), and phone number (optional).

Staff Member Privileges

Privileges are also known in the networking world as permissions. Each of your staff members will need designated permissions if you don’t want them to have access to everything (which is the default). To set privileges, go back to your admin section and navigate to Settings> Account once more. You should see a list of account holders, including the new staff member you just added. Click on that staff member’s name to open a new dialogue box showing what permissions are currently in place. Check the box to limit access; doing so will generate a list of options you can then check and uncheck as you see fit.

You can grant or deny access to more than a dozen different options including customers, orders, reports, blog posts and pages, themes and even Shopify applications. We recommend doing so to maintain tight control over your Shopify store.

Modifying Account Details and Privileges

At any time, you can go back and modify staff member accounts simply by going to the Accounts page and clicking on the desired staff member’s name. All of the information privileges you settled on when you opened the account can be modified. Should you choose to delete a staff member account, just click the trash icon at the far right of the line on which the account name appears.

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