CSC Expands Canadian Cloud Business

Cloud hosting in Canada is still a relatively small business but it’s expected to grow significantly as companies are working to comply with Canadian regulations dealing with data protection. In order to stay ahead of the game, web hosting company CSC has announced the expansion of their Canadian cloud services including their brand-new CSC BizCloud platform.

BizCloud is being billed by the company as the first ever, on-premise private cloud in Canada to be presented to customers as a service rather than a product. This enables smaller web host companies to market the CSC cloud platform to a wide variety of businesses and government sector institutions who need to keep their Canadian data inside the country to comply with regulations. BizCloud accomplishes its goals by utilizing the best from both public and private cloud platforms.

“BizCloud and the CSC IaaS layer, CloudCompute, provide the centerpiece of the modern virtualized data center,” said CSC vice president of cloud computing Siki Giunta. “There is a model for every organization. Whether you want self-managed or managed service options, or a private, public or hybrid cloud, CSC is following through on our promise to deliver the right cloud, the right way. With CSC, every organization can easily make the initial move to ‘as a service’ — infrastructure, platform and software on-demand.”

By providing the convenience and usability of a public cloud with the security and tight management of a private one, CSC hopes to make transitioning into the cloud more appetizing to Canadian businesses. They believe that by eliminating the high cost of acquiring the hardware for a private cloud, companies will be more willing to purchase the BizCloud service because it will be less expensive.

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