Data Centers Canada Announces Expansion

The Toronto North Data Center owned and operated by Data Centers Canada is on its way to seeing its footprint increase to about 20,000 ft.². The expansion is the result of a construction project which was originally undertaken this past February (2011). Although the Phase 4 POD expansion has been underway for nearly 9 months, groundbreaking for the Toronto facility didn’t take place until recently. The expansion has been in the planning stages since it was first announced.

According to Data Centers Canada managing partner Tony Di Benedetto, their growing business demands an ongoing commitment to expansion. The new space in Toronto will meet customer demand by featuring a combination cage and private cabinet with a power density capacity of as much as 300w per square foot. Data Centers Canada clients will also have access to a variety of peers and global networks through the company’s combination platform.

“We continue to invest in the expansion of our facilities,” Di Benedetto said in official comments. “Our Toronto North Facility has grown substantially over the past year and we continue our focus on building quality wholesale collocation space in the Canadian geography.”

In addition to increasing capacity and better serving customers, Data Centers Canada is also committed to making their new space as green as possible. For their expansion they are working in a joint effort together with PowerStream to make the new data centre as energy efficient as possible. The centre will include energy-efficient cooling, filtering, and air distribution systems that will service the new space with less energy; other green features are also being utilized. Construction is planned for completion by spring of next year.

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