Data Sales and His Canadian Market

Canadian web hosting companies will now have another option for acquiring their IT equipment thanks to an announcement by American-based IT equipment provider Data Sales. The company recently announced the opening of its first Canadian office located in Toronto. Data Sales will provide the same IT leasing services it now provides in Arizona, Minnesota, and Texas.

The importance of the move cannot be underestimated in light of the fact that Internet-based business is booming. And with the stiff competition among the most prominent web hosting companies, smaller companies or start-ups need every advantage they can get. By being able to lease their equipment rather than purchase it, small web hosting companies don’t need the capital outlay that they would if they were purchasing it instead. When it comes to the Canadian market, there appears to be a growing demand for such services.

In an official company statement vice president of leasing Bob Breckner said, “We are thrilled to be expanding into Canada. The opening of offices in Canada will allow us to better serve our current customer base and provide a large growth opportunity in a market that we feel is poised to expand rapidly.”

Data Sales will be focusing its efforts on companies involved in web hosting, cloud computing, managed services, etc. The aim is to provide equipment with flexible leasing options that can be installed quickly and scaled as a customer’s business grows. If they are capable of tapping the Canadian market in the same way they have the U.S. market, the future for Data Sales in Canada looks bright.

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