DreamHost Officially Joins the OpenStack Foundation

Global web hosting company DreamHost announced on September 19, 2012 that it was joining the OpenStack Foundation as part of its formation. It will join as a founding Gold member and CEO Simon Anderson will gain a seat on the board representing all of the other Gold members.

The OpenStack Foundation is a foundation that’s dedicated to promoting and marketing the OpenStack cloud system. DreamHost has been a long term supporter of the system and has established its commitment by entering the foundation officially. It’s expected to play a vital role in the activities of the organisation.

The CEO of DreamHost, Simon Anderson, commented on the new organisation by saying that: “DreamHost has a vision to enable the world’s entrepreneurs and developers to create, share, and prosper on the Internet.” He continued with: “We passionately believe that open source software, and open, compatible cloud services, are the key to the next wave of growth and innovation worldwide. OpenStack is the right platform and community to enable this shift, and the formation of the OpenStack Foundation is another step in demonstrating the long term commitment of the community to this mission.”

June 2011 saw the OpenStack cloud system first gain the support of DreamHost. The software development team that works to improve DreamHost have been consistently contributing new codes to OpenStack that it can use to improve itself. Next-generation technology has been flying back and forward with the goal of improving this cloud operating system. DreamHost has notably contributed to the Ceph™ system, which is a distributed storage system that’s both scalable and open source. In addition, it’s worked to integrate it fully.

The promotion of OpenStack, alongside the other members of the foundation, is expected to integrate it further and make it a vital part of the industry. Through collaboration this process is designed to be accelerated.

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