DreamHost Receives Grant from California’s Employment Training Panel

DreamHost, a leading web-hosting and cloud services provider with over 330,000 customers and 1.2 million hosted domain names worldwide, have been awarded a grant of $288,000 from the state of California’s Employment Training Panel (ETP), proving that the company not only offers a great level of service to customers, but to employees too.

The grant was given to the company for their commitment to employee growth and being an outstanding place to work with an ethic of on-going education for staff.  DreamHost say they plan to use the money to provide extensive training for its near 200 strong workforce, obtain executive leadership training for its management team, and license training software. The Employment Training Panel who awarded the grant was set up by the state of California to reward businesses that provide active contribution to the state economy, giving them the funds to improve the standards of the workforce. It is a testament to DreamHost that they are the first ever web-hosting company to receive such a grant.

Dreamhost’s VP of Human Resources Art Elizarov made this tounge-in-cheek statement, “I work with a bunch of morons,” adding “I feel like they’ve all got the capability to be highly-skilled, dynamic leaders, but their lack of education is holding them back. This grant money means the world to me because it means they can no longer rely on their claims of financial inequity to excuse their professional ineptitude.” Art ended simply, “Finally.”

Dreamhost CEO Simon Anderson was rather more serious, “This kind of grant makes a huge difference in our ability to be a leader in training our teams in the hosting industry. I know how much effort was put in to get this across the line, and I’m grateful to the state of California for providing a program designed to foster a highly skilled workforce. DreamHost and the local economy will both prosper as a result of this grant.”

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