Dreamhost Reveals Intention to Compete with Amazon’s EC2

Dreamhost has fulfilled its promise of entering the cloud computing market with the announcement of its new OpenStack-based cloud computing system. The webhosting company has also announced it will attempt to give Amazon’s EC2 a run for its money in the cloud computing market.

The system, known as DreamCompute, has been developed to be scalable and affordable around the OpenStack platform. The IaaS platform is supposed to be used by Internet businesspeople and web developers as an alternative to Amazon’s EC2. Using this system, users will be able to perform a number of functions within the cloud, including mobile applications, power web applications, and being able to run Big Data analytics.

DreamCompute comes after a string of announcements speaking about its cloud service offerings. Some of the new announcements have included a partnership with CloudFlare, a web security firm, and the unveiling of DreamObjects to allow customers to store objects on the cloud.

A number of open source solutions are available to customers to power DreamCompute. Furthermore, it also has the ability to scale with both Nicira network virtualisation and Ceph block storage. The idea behind Dreamhost’s cloud computing services is to provide a secure and resilient service for customers. As of this writing, there have been no announcements on what it will cost to use the new system.

The CEO of Dreamhost, Simon Anderson, mentioned in a statement: “DreamCompute has been engineered from the operating system up to deliver the next generation cloud compute service that developers are craving.”

Critics are wary of how successful Dreamhost will be when attempting to compete with the Amazon EC2, however. There’s a great deal of competition within the cloud computing market from both small and big companies. Only time will tell which platform customers will eventually settle on.

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