DreamHost’s Community Site DreamScape Launches

DreamScape, the DreamHost community website, has just gone live and is part of the company’s desire to build a thriving community of developers and businesspeople. It also wants the community to have some input in the way it delivers its cloud storage, web hosting, and e-commerce services.

The recent trend in the web hosting industry embraces the value of customers and allocating them an effective platform to express their views. It is generally considered the way of the future and it creates strong brand loyalty. Other web hosts have experienced significant success from moving towards a more customer-centric operation.

The idea for DreamScape originally arose from a desire to draw in new ideas and talent from the global community. The formal announcement came at the 2012 DreamCon conference organised by the web host.

DreamHost CEO, Simon Anderson posted a blog on the new DreamScape website about the motivations behind the site, “We passionately believe in the power of the Internet to enable individuals and businesses to create, share and prosper. So DreamScape is an open window where you’re free to dive in and – hopefully – get a little further along on your journey to your own personal definition of web success.” He also went in to the sort of things DreamScape would offer, “You’ll find a daily dose of how-to and insightful articles on web hosting and cloud topics, as well as the DreamHost blog, and customer spotlights to spark your creativity from those who may have innovated before.”

The DreamScape website includes categories for important things like web design, case studies, cloud development, and community events. It also updates software and drives the development of the newest apps.

Aspirations for the site include getting employees and users to collaborate and offer new directions, as well as to become the most user-friendly service in the whole web industry.

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