Easy Things You Can Do to Maintain Shopify Security


The internet is a dangerous environment no matter how you slice it. Even with all the advanced security measures we have in place, accounts are still hacked every single day. Identities are stolen, computer files are corrupted, and websites are taken over by hackers for their own amusement and financial gain. Even Shopify stores are not immune.

Shopify encourages all its users to take the necessary steps to maintain security. They do their part as well, routinely analyzing information from public data leaks. According to the official Shopify documentation, any platform user whose personal information is found included in leaked information will immediately have his or her account locked to prevent unauthorized access. Unlocking the account is a simple matter of resetting the password.

There are some easy things you can do as a Shopify store owner to protect yourself:

1. Use and Maintain Security Suites

Whether you access your Shopify store by way of a desktop computer, mobile device, or both, there is no legitimate reason in this day and age to not use and maintain a reputable security suite. There are plenty of security packages available for all the major operating systems.

Security suites protect against viruses, Trojan horses, and other computer nasties that open the door to hackers stealing information. Furthermore, there are both free and paid packages to choose from.

2. Use Unique Usernames and Passwords

One of the biggest mistakes people make is using the same username and password for all their accounts. As the thinking goes, having only a single username and password makes life easier because the user only has to remember one combination. What people fail to realize is that making their own lives easier also makes it easier for hackers to break in.

It is always a good idea to use a random password generator to create new passwords for every single account. Each person who has access to your Shopify store’s administrative function should have a unique username and password as well. If you insist on a single username and password so you do not have to remember dozens of them, Shopify recommends a password vault solution that utilizes a master password to handle all your unique usernames and passwords.

3. Continuing Education for Staff Members

Finally, the weakest link in the online security chain is not hardware or software. It is human users. Some of the worst data breaches in history started out as simple phishing attacks that should have been easily recognized and stopped in their tracks. With that said, the most important thing you can do to maintain security for your Shopify store is to educate yourself and your staff members.

Ongoing education that routinely addresses the latest phishing attacks, malware, and so on keep security at the forefront of the IT discussion. The more frequently staff members are reminded of the dangers of being online, the more likely they are to employ safe online practices.

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