ElasticHosts Launches North American Expansion

London-based ElasticHosts announced in mid-January (2012) the launch of a project that gives the company a greater presence in North America through two new data centres now operating in Toronto and Los Angeles. With the new data centres the company enjoys coast to coast coverage in the United States and an open door for further expansion into Canada. The move comes just a few months after a new software platform was announced by the company.

Elastic Hosts is a web hosting company focusing primarily on cloud environments. They offer a pay-as-you-go model that allows customers to operate within the constraints of their current budgets rather than having to pay for capabilities they do not yet need. The ElasticHosts system is fully scalable, able to be leveraged as needed, and billed by the hour according to performance. This ensures customers are not paying for any more resources than they’re using.

“In the current economic climate, businesses are under pressure to reduce costs,” said ElasticHosts CEO Richard Davies. “As such, IT spend[ing] is under increasing scrutiny and businesses need to justify any outgoings…our goal is to offer scalable cloud computing but without the complexity often seen with this kind of solution.”

One of the benefits of the company placing a data server in Toronto is the ability it gives them to provide its services to North American customers without being under the constraints of U.S. law. Right now the Patriot Act and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act are seen as somewhat restrictive to American web hosting companies. If SOPA and PIPA ever see the light of day again, they also might pose big problems in the United States. Toronto makes for a wise choice to expand the company’s North American footprint without the added regulation of doing business in America.

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