Elastichosts Opens Four New Global Data Centres

Web hosting provider Elastichosts announced the unveiling of four new data centres throughout the world. It has also expanded its cloud servers to nine additional locations. The new data centres have been opened in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australasia.

This latest move means Elastichosts has successfully expanded its cloud hosting services to new and existing customers residing in the international markets. It means more stability and an increasingly superior service. Undoubtedly, this puts the organisation on equal footing with many other hosting providers.

The four new sites in Hong Kong, Silicon Valley, Amsterdam, and Sydney come in addition to its sites in Portsmouth, Maidenhead, Toronto, Los Angeles, and San Antonio.

Businesses looking to expand into the Asian markets of Hong Kong and Singapore can now do so, as well as being able to reach customers in places like Thailand or the northern ASEAN. It is bound to attract some major businesses that are looking to begin further expansion in 2013.

The CEO of the company, Richard Davies said of the release, “The launch of these new data centers is a significant milestone; both in our growth and in offering our customers a truly global service.” He went on to talk about the benefits in his statement by saying, “The benefits of Cloud Servers – cost savings and improved efficiency – are attractive to people working throughout the world at all levels of IT expertise, regardless of geographical boundaries. Through the launch of these new data centers, we are able to improve redundancy, minimize latency, offer a choice of jurisdiction and bill in local currency.”

These on-demand servers will allow customers around the world to independently scale their RAM, disk, and CPU to suit the current task. This allows businesses and one-man operations to save money because they only pay for exactly what they use.

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