Embedding a Google+ Hangout on your WordPress Site


Google+ Hangouts have become more and more popular since their introduction. These live broadcasts are completely free, and many people now take advantage of them. One of the issues, however, is that they are usually only available on Google+, not on any other site. Nevertheless, there is a way that you can embed a Google+ Hangout on your WordPress site. This makes it easy for people who want to watch your Hangout find it easily. This WordPress tutorial will walk you through the steps necessary to add a Google+ Hangout to your site.

First Thing’s First

First, you need to go to the website Google+ Hangouts On Air (plus.google.com/u/0/hangouts/onair). Here, you’ll see a blue button up on the right side of the screen that says, “Start a Hangout On Air.” Click on it. A popup box will appear and ask you for the name of your Hangout and a description of it. Then you’ll see a “Starts” section with two buttons: “Now” and “Later.” Click on Later. Then you can enter the date and time of the Hangout and for how long it will last. You can change your audience, too, if you don’t want it to be public.

Once you have entered this information, click on Share. You will be asked to login to your verified YouTube account if you are not already. Now you’ll be taken to the Hangout page. If you look under Details, you will see an icon for links. Click on it. Now you will see a box labeled “YouTube Page” with a link beside it. Copy this link.

Creating a Hangout Page

Now go to your WordPress site. You will need to create a page for your Hangout. This can have whatever information on it that you want – it doesn’t necessarily need to have anything else on it apart your Google+ Hangout, but you might want to include information such as the topic and when the Hangout will start.

Now go to the content area of your page and paste the URL. Make sure it isn’t translated into a clickable hyperlink, and make certain that it’s on a line by itself. That’s all you have to do to embed YouTube URLs onto a WordPress blog. Note that this also works for a number of other sites, including Vimeo, Flickr, Hulu, and Scribd.

Hangout On Air Video Box

Post the page you have created with your embedded link. If you go to your WordPress site and view that page, you should now see a Google+ Hangout On Air video box. No video will be playing yet because you’ve set the date to “Later.” Instead, you will see a counter counting down to the time the Hangout begins. When you start the Hangout, it should automatically begin playing on this page.

If you want to test it out to make certain it works, just create a Hangout that’s private and have it start in about ten minutes from the time you create it (to give you time to make sure it embeds correctly). Then wait until it starts. You can also share the Hangout with a friend to make certain it works for other people.

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