Embedding Product Videos in Your Shopify Store


Online marketers are quickly discovering the power of video as a tool to sell products. Let’s face it; we now live in a very visual culture where people would rather watch a video than read descriptive text for a product in which they are interested. You can take advantage of this preference by embedding custom or manufacturer created product videos that take the place of image text descriptions. The key to doing so in Shopify is to use the ALT function.

We will discuss the details of this shortly, but let us first start by talking about the videos themselves. The easiest and most effective way to make all of this happen is to establish a separate account on one of the more popular video sites such as YouTube or Vimeo, uploading your videos to the site of your choosing, and then simply embedding the links of your videos into your Shopify site.

Using an external video site does several important things:

  • Prevents your bandwidth from getting out of control
  • Gives you virtually unlimited video storage
  • Allows you to add and remove videos within your store with very little

Regardless of the video service you use, you should be able to acquire a usable link even if there is no special ‘Share’ button to do so. Just load the video in your web browser and copy the address from the address bar. It will work whether you create your own videos or use promotional videos from vendors.

Embedding Video in Your Shopify Site

Embedding product videos is incredibly simple in Shopify. Just navigate to your Products page and select the product you wish to add. Click on its main image to reveal four icons at the bottom, one of them being the ALT icon. When you click that icon, you should see a box with a heading that says ‘Image ALT Text’. You would usually use this tag to insert some sort descriptive text about your image. But you are going to add the link to your video instead.

If you are using YouTube or Vimeo, you need only click the ‘Share’ button associated with the video to get an embeddable link. Copy that link and paste it into the ‘Image ALT Text’ box you opened up within Shopify. Save your settings and you will instantly see the video placeholder where your image was.

When someone opens the product page, the video will immediately begin playing. As for its size, the video will automatically adjust to take up the entire image window. It will adjust based on screen size if necessary. Once the video stops playing, your regular image will appear in its place.

Understand that with this process you are simply embedding a video in a placeholder usually reserved for descriptive text. If you want an embedded video that is separate from your image, there is an entirely different process for doing that – which will be covered in a future blog post.

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