Enhance Your Store with QR Codes


You are already on the cutting-edge of digital commerce thanks to your choice of Shopify as your selling platform. Why not take things one step further by enhancing your store with QR codes? You can use QR codes to do lots of different things that will drive traffic, increase loyalty among your regular customers, and drive sales as never before.

Enhancing your store with QR codes does not mean actually placing codes on your website. It is about using the codes in other places to drive people to your online store. You might print advertising fliers or banners with QR codes included. You might create a code and offer it to your social media followers on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Whatever way you decide to use the codes is up to you. The point is that you can integrate them with your Shopify store to enhance your business.

With a QR code, you can:

  • direct customers to a new landing page on your site
  • advertise a brand-new product or service you have just released
  • offer customers coupons or coupon codes
  • reward loyal customers with special deals
  • direct customers to a poll or survey
  • offer customers direct access to you via e-mail or SMS message.

The beauty of the QR code is that you can embed all sorts of information into it. For example, your QR codes can contain web URLs, phone numbers, SMS messages and numbers, and even plain text to reach users with a customized message created just for them.

Create QR Codes Easily

If you are not familiar with the QR code, it is a digital code that is presented in a square with what appear to be numerous lines and dots all integrated into a pattern. It is similar to a barcode except that it is sophisticated enough that the information embedded in it can go beyond just numbers. What’s more, just about every smartphone on the market these days can read QR codes without a problem.

You can create QR codes to enhance your store using a simple and free tool provided by Shopify. You will find the tool on Shopify’s website.

Just visit the website and follow the quick three-step process for generating your codes. You can create as many codes as you like, as often as you like, for use on any printed materials or websites of your choosing. There are also smartphone apps and free computer software capable of generating more complex QR codes if the free Shopify generator does not suit your needs.

QR codes can enhance your online store by taking advantage of a technology that is very appealing to the coveted millennial consumer group. Millennials love these codes. So much so that they will pull out their smartphones and activate a code just to see what it does. And because the codes are so easy to use, there is no reason not to start implementing them as part of your marketing strategy.

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