Expedient Names New Regional Vice President

Expedient, a web hosting provider, announced the appointment of Michael DeAloia as its new regional vice president. The company appointed Mr. DeAloia with the view to creating a depth in its leadership, which they expect to help with their core markets and its continuing demand in the future.

Over the past few years, Expedient experienced significant growth. The past four years involved multiple expansions, more products in its portfolio, and five multi-million dollar data centres around the US. The hardest challenge is keeping up with the growth.

Critics say DeAloia is a natural choice for the vice presidency as he’s acted as a vital member of the business community in Cleveland for 13 years. He has hands-on experience in a number of local ventures in multiple fields, such as business development and financial development. Amongst his portfolio of employment roles he has taken significant roles in the LNE Group, BlueBridge Networks, and Emerging Chefs. Furthermore, for three years he served under the political administrations of Mayors Campbell and Jackson as part of the technological development department.

Most notably, DeAloia helped to create over a thousand jobs and encouraged multiple tech companies to relocate to Cleveland, which brought millions of dollars to the local area.

The Chief Operating Officer of Expedient, Shawn McGorry said of his appointment: “We look forward to Michael’s contribution in leading our Cleveland data center operations through its next exciting stage of growth, including the continued deployment of our next generation of hosted cloud computing services.”

Expedient’s new executive is the first of multiple changes. One of the company’s major figures in Bryan Smith has moved from the regional vice presidency of Columbus and Cleveland to just Columbus. Furthermore, he will also become the vice president of sales and marketing in six different markets.

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