FAQs in WordPress: Why You Should Use Them and How to Do It


It is no secret that most WordPress users are website owners who use the CMS for more than blogging. For example, complete e-commerce solutions are built on the WordPress platform using a combination of hard coding and plugins. With all the potential that WordPress has on offer, you should be doing whatever you can to maximize it. That includes adding an FAQ section.

Also known as frequently asked questions, FAQs are commonplace in the digital arena. As a WordPress user, you can easily add an FAQ section to your own website with very little effort. The only question is whether you want to do it manually or with a plugin.

Manual vs. Plugin

Creating an FAQs section manually is not that big a deal. It is no different than creating any other page or post. Just bring up the editor and start typing. First, type the question, skip a line, and follow up with the answer. Keep typing questions and answers until you feel the FAQ section is complete.

If it is that easy, why would anyone use a plugin? Because FAQ plugins tend to offer a bit more functionality that makes streamlining an FAQ section easier. Below is a description of one of the more popular plugins to give you a good idea of what we are talking about here.

FAQ – By Etoile Web Design

FAQ – By Etoile Web Design is a great plugin is one of the most popular FAQ plugins available for WordPress right now. It boasts more than 10,000 active installs and of 4.5 rating. Note that we did not choose it because we endorse it. Rather, it was an impartial choice based on popularity alone.

Having said that, this plugin should give you a good understanding of why people choose to use plugins rather than implementing FAQ sections manually. FAQ by Etoile Web Design makes it incredibly easy to create customized FAQ sections in multiple formats. You can create a straight list of questions and answers, use an accordion style layout, or use a clean layout that includes expanding and contracting sections. Furthermore, the plugin will adapt to the look your current theme.

The best plugins offer full support for mobility right out-of-the-box. That is another good reason to choose a plugin rather than doing things manually. The less you have to worry about mobility, the better off you’ll be.

Why You Should Be Using FAQs

Before we close this post, we thought it might be a good idea to list some very good reasons for using an FAQ section on your site. Implementing FAQs:

  • engages your regular users;
  • increases the amount of time users spend on your site;
  • reduces the need for support ticket requests; and
  • gets helpful information into the hands of your users more quickly.

FAQs are a great tool for disseminating helpful information about your company, your products or services, or your business operations. Every WordPress user utilizing the CMS for business services should be using FAQs to reach customers.

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