FireHost: Majority of Web Application Attacks Come from US

FireHost, the global cloud hosting provider with servers in the US and the UK, reported on April 24, 2012 they had blocked some 19 million web application attacks launched against their clients in the first quarter of this year. The company’s official press release stated that there were attacks from more than 25 different countries with those originating in the US making up almost 80% of the total. Other significant attacks came from Europe and Southeast Asia.

To arrive at the numbers FireHost collected data about the types of attacks being launched and where they originated from. It’s part of a growing effort among many of the world’s leading web host providers to offer more secure services through cutting edge firewalls, managed security services, and other such efforts. The increased security has become necessary due to the fact that web application deployment is becoming more widespread. As such, web apps are more prone than ever before to attacks that result in stolen or destroyed data.

“Big organizations will always represent trophies for hackers, but most cybercriminals are just out to make money as quickly and with as little hassle as possible,” said FireHost’s Todd Gleason. “SMBs are ripe for the taking and last quarter alone we prevented 19 million unique attacks from letting that happen.”

One of the most used types of attacks against FireHost customers has been dubbed by the company as Superfecta. Attacks in this category are aimed at small and medium-sized businesses using tools like cross site scripting, SQL database injection, and request forgery. FireHost recognizes the need to protect its clients from these attacks in order to make sure client businesses and their customers remain safe.

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