Free Ad Credits Now Available from, the Toronto-based web hosting company owned by SoftCom, Inc., announced today a brand-new offer providing customers free advertising credits to be used on the Yahoo! and Bing search engines. The credits can be used toward advertising with either the VPS or shared hosting accounts offered by MyHosting, and are used by redeeming them through a new account opened with Microsoft’s adCenter.

According to MyHosting Product Manager Tim Attwood, his company is “committed to helping customers achieve success, by providing rock-solid hosting services, with feature rich hosting packages, as well as tools to help businesses get their marketing campaigns off the ground.” Mr. Attwood went on to say in the official announcement that the advertising credits being offered will help his company’s clients gain access to new customers via two of the Internet’s leading search engines.

The ad credits are being made available in three increments depending on the level of service an individual account holder has. Clients with basic or personal hosting are eligible for a credit of $25; business and premium account holders can receive a $50 credit; accounts at the VPS, e-commerce, and professional levels are all eligible for credits of $75. Although the credits are available to both new and existing customers of, they can only be used in conjunction with brand-new accounts on Yahoo! and Bing. Furthermore, credits must be used within 90 days of creating a new account.

Advertising credits are a good way to build a customer base quickly without spending a lot of money. It is estimated that a proper advertising campaign on a major search engine can expose a business to millions of potential new customers in a 90-day span. These credits adds to an already generous list of MyHosting promo code offers.

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