Full and Partial Refunds in Shopify


As an online business owner, you are eventually going to run into a situation requiring that you offer a full or partial refund. Perhaps a customer will want to cancel an order entirely, or maybe a single item has to be returned. You need the capability to quickly and accurately offer your customer a refund. Thankfully, Shopify has full and partial refunds built-in.

You can cancel an order in full, or in part, if that is necessary for your system to process refunds. To do so, you simply navigate to your Shopify Admin and then click ‘Orders’ in the drop-down menu. You will get a running list of all placed orders along with individual order numbers. Click on the desired order number and then choose the cancellation option.

Whether you cancel or not, you have two options for refunds:

  1. you can issue a full refund; or
  2. you can issue a partial refund only on certain items.

Issuing a Full Refund

Issuing a full refund starts by going to your Shopify Admin, clicking on ‘Orders’, and then clicking on the specific order you want to deal with. You will be presented with a dialogue box that includes details of that particular order. You should see product names, quantities, pricing, etc. You should also see a ‘Refund’ link in this dialogue box; click on it.

You will then be presented with a modified dialogue box showing all of the items in that order. Just enter the quantities to be refunded next to each item. The dialogue box offers space to enter a reason for the refund if that is important to you; there is also a checkbox at the bottom that you can click to send an e-mail confirmation to your customer that the refund has been issued.

Lastly, look for the checkbox that gives you the option of adding the refunded items back into inventory. Check this box if you already have the items in your possession; leave it unchecked if you are still waiting for them to arrive. Then click the blue ‘Refund’ button at the lower right of the screen to complete the process.

Issuing Partial Refunds

The process for issuing partial refunds is the same as listed above, except that you are only choosing specific items within the order rather than everything the customer purchased. All of the other options remain the same. The great thing about partial refunds is that these can be done progressively. In other words, you may refund one item today and assume the customer is satisfied, only to find out in a couple of days there is another item to be returned. You can go back into the order and issue another partial refund.

When you do issue refunds, Shopify takes care of crediting the customer’s account as long as payment was made electronically. If you received a paper cheque or money order, you would have to send the refund payment manually.

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