Go Daddy Acquires Outright

By all accounts GoDaddy seems to be embarking on an aggressive strategy to both increase market share and its change image. The latest incarnation of that strategy comes by way of an announcement that the web hosting company and domain name registrar has acquired California-based Outright; a Mountain View company currently serving more than 200,000 customers with a customized application to automate accounting.

Analysts suggest GoDaddy’s strategy is tied to the fact that the vast majority of its clients are individual entrepreneurs and small businesses. An automated accounting platform is a perfect fit for those types of customers who are less likely to have an extensive accounting staff of their own. The software will allow GoDaddy users to handle their accounting tasks right alongside the rest of their web hosting and hosted applications.

“We believe our customers benefit because of the range of GoDaddy products and services designed explicitly for small business owners,” said former Outright CEO and current GoDaddy senior vice president of applications Steven Aldrich. “Joining GoDaddy feels like a move that was just meant to be. We are combining forces with a company that has built a billion dollar business with the simple idea of providing great products and a brand of service that delights customers.”

According to GoDaddy CEO Warren Aldeman, Outright will continue day-to-day operations as a separate entity. For now that means pricing for current Outright customers remains the same. Should GoDaddy choose to integrate the software into its current list of offerings the company faces the daunting task of doing so in a way that makes it profitable and competitive. Rumour has it that including Outright as part of an economical business suite is one option on the table.

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