Go Daddy Ads Ready to Hit TV Screens

Several months ago it was revealed that web hosting company GoDaddy was planning to get in on Olympic advertising with a series of new TV spots. The company is already well known in the TV advertising world after more than 10 years of somewhat racy commercials during the NFL’s annual Super Bowl game. The company also got involved in stock car and Indy racing some years ago. But their Olympic effort is a first, in more ways than one.

In addition to bringing web hosting advertising to a venue where it’s never been seen, GoDaddy is apparently also using the occasion to begin transitioning to a new advertising persona. While they won’t leave their sexy image behind it totally, they decided to start giving more airtime to promoting the reliability and functionality of their services. The company has tapped New York advertising firm Deutsch New York to head up the new campaign.

In announcing the deal with Deutsch, GoDaddy CEO Warren Aldeman made it clear was time for his company to leave the days of founder Bob Parsons behind and move into a new future. Aldeman promised to keep GoDaddy’s unique culture alive when he took over the company, but it seems that marketing strategies won’t be included in that promise.

The only question remaining is whether or not GoDaddy can pull off a new image without alienating its incredibly loyal customer base. According to Deutsche representatives, customers are generally uneasy when a company tries to run away from its past; especially when that past has proven successful. Ultimately the response the new Olympic ads generate will go a long way in deciding whether or not GoDaddy continues down this path.

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