GoDaddy Aids French Businesses with French Characters

GoDaddy announced it was introducing a range of French characters with its .CA domain names in an attempt to help Canadian businesses.

This announcement comes on top of the news from the Canadian Internet Registration Authority that stated it was now offering full support for all French characters.

For French-Canadian companies, GoDaddy claimed this would aid them in their online efforts by offering businesses in multiple languages. It means that companies who own a domain name and claim all exclusive rights to it, can also own the same domain name if any of the letters are swapped out with French characters.

It is an important move in Canada as the number of Francophones is roughly 9.5 million. This translates to almost a third of Canada’s total population. GoDaddy is helping to lead the way in catering to French-speaking Canadians by also offering a customer service line entirely in French.

The president and CEO of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, Byron Holland also said, “This is great news for all Canadians because it means they can now use the .CA domain in Canada’s two official languages, French and English.” Holland continued to say in his statement, “This is also great news for owners of .CA domains and their website visitors because it means that domain names can precisely match names, businesses and trademarks.”

GoDaddy’s latest move appears to follow their attempts at making their services more culturally and racially sensitive. Just this past year it has made sure customers in India have access to dedicated Indian support lines, and in 2011 it started to accept Canadian dollars as a form of payment for its web hosting packages.

Industry experts predict this move will strengthen the web host’s global hold on the web hosting market by appealing directly to the basic needs of its customers.

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