Go Daddy Announces 2012 Scholarship Winners

GoDaddy, the prolific web host company and domain name registrar most known for its suggestive Super Bowl commercials, recently made the news for a more philanthropic reason. That reason was the second edition of their annual .ME Scholarship program which just released the names of this year’s 10 recipients. Each of the students will receive scholarship money in the amount of $10,000 that can be applied toward books, tuition, and other educational needs.

GoDaddy established the scholarship program as a means of promoting Internet and technology careers among America’s high school students. The idea is to attract the brightest minds in the world of web design and hosting, IT, and online communications. Other companies have also gotten into the game; companies like Google whose Summer of Code project seeks to encourage computer programming students to contribute to the community of open source software. As for GoDaddy, they believe their scholarship investment might even benefit them in the future.

“GoDaddy wants to help students who are driven to succeed, especially with technology,” wrote GoDaddy CEO Warren Adelman in an official statement. “Investing in this generation of tech-driven students not only helps them, but invests in building a qualified workforce of the future. We would like to think a few of these scholarship winners might become our GoDaddy colleagues one day.”

This year’s .ME Scholarship program received applications from thousands of candidates across the country. Participation was much greater in 2012 than in the previous year, primarily due to a lower requirement for SAT scores. The 10 winners, representing many different regions within the U.S., are planning to attend schools like Harvard, Stanford University, the University of Alabama, Baylor, and more.

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