Go Daddy Announces Super Bowl Plans

With Super Bowl XLVI only two months away advertisers are now scrambling to get their commercials approved so they can finalize plans for the big day. Among the advertisers is none other than Web hosting giant GoDaddy. The company known for somewhat racy television ads recently submitted two scripts to NBC’s censors for their approval. Both spots were given the thumbs up, to the surprise of ad creators.

For the last seven years GoDaddy has been a Super Bowl sponsor, but their ads have mostly been right on the edge of being acceptable. In order to counter that, as well as drive potential customers to their website, GoDaddy includes uncensored versions of the commercials online. Statistics show that some of their best spots have driven customers to their website almost immediately after a television spot concludes, mainly because viewers want to “see what happens next.”

“Critics have suggested we submit ads solely to be rejected, but we don’t … we submit concepts that are fun, edgy and slightly inappropriate,” said CEO Bob Parsons. “That’s GoDaddy-esque and that’s what drives viewers to GoDaddy.com year after year after year.”

Parsons went on to say that his company has been on a “short leash” when it comes to television advertising. As an example, one of their spots in 2005 was created to play off the “wardrobe malfunction” of the year before. FOX initially approved the ad but then pulled it after its first airing on fears that it might be deemed inappropriate. Such is the nature of GoDaddy advertising. However, the company goes with what works, and so far their advertisements are some of the most successful in the web hosting industry.

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