Go Daddy Appoints IT Veteran as New CEO

The global web hosting behemoth GoDaddy announced the appointment of IT veteran Blake Irving as its new CEO starting from January 7, 2013.

Blake Irving, formally of Microsoft and Yahoo, will step into the role when Interim CEO Scott Wagner steps down, according to a press release unveiled by the company. It mentioned how Irving served as a product officer for Yahoo and helped to unify its vision for the future and develop its strategy. It is also well known how Irving acted in a number of senior roles at Microsoft and stepped down as the vice president of the Windows Live platform. GoDaddy took an interest in Irving for his skills in management as he helped launch the MSN messenger service, whilst also managing over 4,000 members of staff.

GoDaddy finally found Irving after many months of searching following former CEO Adelman stepping down in July, after taking over from GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons.

The opening of the position created shockwaves around the industry, as this position is one of the most lucrative, high-profile roles around. The size of GoDaddy and its influence within the industry as the largest web host in the world means a number of industry heavy-hitters competed for the job.

Irving commented on his plans to address the current company process, which would ultimately come back to impact customers in a positive way: “From a flow perspective in the way that we on-board people today.” He continued: “As a customer who has gone through the process of getting a domain, there are some things that are great about it, and some things that I’d love to see improved. And I know these are things we want to make changes too quickly, and can have immediate benefit to our customers.”

The appointment of Irving came as no surprise to many who point to his vast technological knowledge, regular contact with consumers, and experience in taking on the challenges presented by corporate positions.

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