Go Daddy Breaks Records with Super Bowl Ads

For the last couple of weeks we’ve been hearing about how this year’s (2012) GoDaddy Superbowl ads would push the envelope yet again. Push they did, to the tune of 10 million customers being directed to the company’s website immediately after their spots aired. Driving web traffic is exactly why GoDaddy does what it does with its commercials. So, despite criticisms from many people who find the spots offensive, there won’t be any apologies coming from .CO CEO Juan Diego Calle or GoDaddy executive chairman and founder Bob Parsons.

GoDaddy specifically targeted mobile users during their “Cloud” commercial by using a QR code they could scan with their smartphones. That code sent consumers directly to the GoDaddy website and provided discounts to those who signed up for the company’s cloud services. It was a risky move which garnered its fair share of naysayers, but one that paid off with huge dividends.

“We decided it was worth the risk to play to all the people watching the game and using their smartphones simultaneously,” Parsons said in a statement issued the day after the big game. “I’m thrilled we made the decision. Viewers scanned the code and as a result, GoDaddy set an all-time sales record for our mobile site.”

The company’s second ad, entitled “Body Paint”, was aimed at promoting registration of .co domains. According to Calle, the ad grabbed the attention of millions of viewers and resulted in a 10-fold increase in .co domain sales during the game. Such astounding numbers prove that GoDaddy knows how to market better than any other company in the business. Like them or not, GoDaddy’s ads are not about to disappear any time soon.

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