Go Daddy Cloud Users Offered Rescue App by AppZero

GoDaddy’s cloud offering, which is soon to be withdrawn, is set to leave millions of users in difficulties, but AppZero is offering a new app to transfer users away from the service.

AppZero confirmed the existence of the program, whilst also confirming it is completely free for all GoDaddy customers. It includes two free migrations of applications to any other cloud provider.

They also confirmed it would come in two forms. Current GoDaddy customers can utilise the Cloud Destination feature to make their own arrangements for which cloud provider they will switch to when the service shuts down. Application Migration is the main part of the process, however. It involves providing a flexible server application to transfer the first two applications away from the service.

GoDaddy customers have the option of taking advantage of this free migration offer through to the end of the year. If any other migrations are needed for larger companies, each migration will be priced at the discretion of AppZero.

AppZero CEO Greg O’Connor commented on the program: “The GoDaddy situation is a great example of why there is a real business need to avoid cloud lock-in. AppZero’s Zapp application migration software will identify, extract, and migrate server applications from/to any cloud and will do it in minutes.”

GoDaddy acquired a lot of criticism after it decided to pull its cloud offering less than a year after releasing it. Companies who realised they were stuck with being locked-in were offered no compensation to make up for the trouble caused. Speaking about the main benefit of this program, O’Connor stated: “At the very least, this offer gives GoDaddy cloud customers the breathing room to make strategic decisions.”

Interested GoDaddy customers can take advantage of this service by registering on the AppZero website, under the section entitled the ‘GoDaddy Rescue Program’.

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