Go Daddy Defends Itself Against Texas Lawsuit

GoDaddy has been forced to defend itself in a lawsuit brought by 17 women in Texas over nude photos posted onto a site hosted by the company. The site in question was a revenge porn website created by a group of ex-boyfriends.

Although the lawsuit is a major hassle for the Scottsdale-based hosting company, legal analysts claim the case is unlikely to stand for long as GoDaddy merely hosted the site. It’s hoped the site in question won’t come back to haunt GoDaddy as the judge will see it has over 50 million websites and couldn’t possibly monitor them all.

The site featuring naked and semi-nude photos of the women also included personal information such as their full names and where they lived.

The lawsuit was filed in the District Court of Orange County in Texas. 32-year-old resident Hollie Toups leads the case and has named GoDaddy as the lead defendant.

The lawsuit stated, “These plaintiffs seek to recover their actual damages that include their severe mental anguish and emotional distress with physical manifestations that affect their daily lives and routines, humiliation, fear and other non-economic damages, and also their economic damages.”

Elizabeth Driscoll, a spokeswoman for the company, refused to comment on the case, stating the organisation had a policy of not commenting on ongoing legal proceedings.

Observers claim the case has no credibility and there is little chance of the women successfully suing GoDaddy because of the Communications Decency Act of 1996, which protects web-hosting organisations against any legal action triggered by offensive content their customers publish.

This news come on the back of the criticism lauded on the company after its most successful Super Bowl ad of all time supposedly demeaned and degraded women. The company has a history of indulging in controversial sales tactics, and this is just yet another entry into GoDaddy’s long history of legal problems.

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