Go Daddy Eliminates its Cloud Computing Service

Web hosting service GoDaddy has decided to end its cloud computing services less than a year after they first announced that it was entering the Cloud computing industry. This information was revealed in an email sent out to employees of GoDaddy, which was leaked by an anonymous ex-employee.

Overall, the email revealed the company was still interested in trying out new things, but it was looking to focus on its small business customers. The email was quoted as saying: “After reviewing all of our hosting products, we decided to double-down on our shared hosting and site builder products and invest to win in these spaces.”

Soon after the email was leaked, CIO Auguste Goldman responded by putting out a statement saying that whilst it was ending its existing cloud computing services, it would be supporting Cloud Server customers in a number of other ways instead; although there was no elaboration on what these ways were.

The quiet removal of the Cloud was confirmed as GoDaddy removed the Cloud Servers section from its website. Entering the old URL will merely provide a redirect to the web host’s home page.

Potential customers of Cloud Servers gain a stark warning from the industry with the quick removal of GoDaddy’s services. What this situation means is that Cloud computing in general is a very volatile industry. Many industries are trying to unveil Cloud Servers, but most of them fold after a very short period of time. It’s not all bad, however, since services that are being shut down usually offer a grace period whereby customers are able to migrate their data elsewhere.

GoDaddy follows a long line of companies that have shut down their cloud services recently. ZumoDrive from Motorola and Slicehost from Rackspace are two notable examples.

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