Go Daddy Expands Partnership with Sedo

The global webhosting provider GoDaddy announced on September 26, 2012, that it was expanding its partnership with domain marketplace Sedo.

Sedo is currently the largest domain market in the world. It also provides monetisation services for its clients. GoDaddy has expanded on the initial partnership that was formed with the company in January of this year. What it will mean is that customers will now have more purchasing capabilities, when it comes to domains, than ever before.

GoDaddy customers will now have the option to purchase premium domain names from Sedo users, which are already owned, as long as they are listed under the category of ‘Make Offer.’ Before, users only had the option to purchase domain names if they were listed as ‘Buy Now,’ but now both of these listings will enable people to get the domain names they need. With the expansion of this partnership it’s expected to unveil the largest selection of domain names in the world.

Making a statement, Sedo said of the partnership: “The expansion of our partnership increases the inventory available to buyers shopping at the GoDaddy site, meaning more choice and a better chance of finding the name that’s right for them”. The Sedo CEO, Tobias Flaitz, continued by saying that: “Domains are the most basic tool for enabling customers to find you online, so a strong domain strategy is important for any business owner. GoDaddy has always provided a comprehensive toolset that allows businesses to get up and running quickly. By educating customers about the premium domain market and providing direct access to the best names available, they’re helping end users find the right domain for their online presence.”

Sedo works by connecting buyers and sellers of domain names. The Sedo Multi-Listing Service will now come as part of this expanded partnership and will enable GoDaddy’s customers to purchase more premium domains, whilst enabling negotiation capabilities through this new listing system.

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