GoDaddy Experiences Most Successful Super Bowl Ever

The 2013 Super Bowl between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers was the most successful sporting event for web hosting provider GoDaddy in its history. Two 30-second ads drove sales and created a buzz which none of its other Super Bowl campaigns have matched.

Blake Irving, the CEO of GoDaddy, said, “Attracting new customers is what advertising is all about.” He continued to say of the motivation for the advert, “We wanted our Super Bowl commercials to generate new customers and overall sales, and that’s precisely what happened. We set all-time Super Bowl Sunday records for mobile sales, Website Builders, website hosting and new customers. This is a big win for all our teams who worked so hard to deliver on game day and also for all our new customers looking to grow their small businesses.”

For the first time in its history, GoDaddy produced its adverts by bringing in outside help. The organisation in question, Deutsch NY, helped to produce two adverts with entirely different approaches. They looked to combine both smart and sexy in its ‘Perfect Match’ advert by having supermodel Bar Refaeli lock lips with new advertising sensation Jesse Heiman.

It drew a significant reaction through social media channels like Twitter. A total of four million views from YouTube alone confirmed its success. Furthermore, it drew criticism from campaigners who claimed it demeaned women and sickened the mind. GoDaddy is extremely pleased with this reaction, as it makes sure people are talking about the company and its products.

Bob Parsons, the founder of GoDaddy, hit back by claiming he thought it was hilarious and it also met the standards and practices set by the network. Currently, there is no information on the number of sales made, but its latest sports marketing campaign has put the company firmly in the spotlight, once again.

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