Go Daddy Faces Class Action Lawsuit

Well-known webhost GoDaddy was recently the victim of massive technical difficulties that led to millions of customer being affected. Now it faces a class action lawsuit over its “99.9%” guarantee that consumers claim is invalid and represents both negligence and a breach of contract.

The 99.9% guarantee states that GoDaddy will never be down for longer than this amount of time, but the problem is that these technical glitches have made sure that it was down for longer. The lawsuit was very clear on this – in order to meet that 99.9% guarantee it could only suffer outages amounting to 43.2 minutes every 30 days.

GoDaddy have widely posted this claim; however, now it’s come back to bite them as the webhost’s Twitter updates demonstrated that the servers were actually down for six hours.

Although customers were offered future discounts and other credits for GoDaddy’s services, these weren’t applied to all customers. Only certain customers that were hit worst were offered them, and even these weren’t automatically applied. Instead, users had to click a link via their email, which would only stay valid for seven days.

Currently, the estimates for the class action lawsuit state that up to a million people, and possibly more, could be involved in the lawsuit and could pursue compensation. GoDaddy is being charged, by the suit, of breach of contract, violating the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act, and blatant negligence.

Those who pursue the lawsuit could be in for a lengthy court battle, though, as the service agreement provided by GoDaddy states the processes by which the host will go through if there are any problems. But any future legal proceedings are a long way away, and therefore any potential compensation won’t be seen for years.

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