Go Daddy Gets on Board with IPv6

As part of World IPv6 Day (June 8, 2012) web host and domain name registrar GoDaddy announced the launch of their new IPv6 virtual dedicated servers running the Linux operating system. The new servers are in addition to efforts the company has been making over the course of the last five years. GoDaddy has upgraded its systems to include dual stack DNS, AAAA records, and glue records, among other things.

The need for the new IPv6 standard is necessary because of the way DNS look-up operates. Every website on the net needs a dedicated IP address which is represented in a unique number. With the IPv4 system running up of available numbers, and Internet traffic expected to quadruple over the next several years, IPv6 was necessary to open up a new set of address numbers. Along with those numbers the new platform will enable advancements in speed and efficiency to move forward.

“Deploying IPv6 is like upgrading the Internet,” wrote GoDaddy CTO Wayne Thayer in a company blog post. “Last year, GoDaddy enabled queries over IPv6 for the tens of millions of DNS zones that we host. Since DNS is used to resolve virtually every website on the Internet, IPv6 support is a key component of the overall move to IPv6.”

As for GoDaddy’s transition to IPv6 the process will be ongoing for some time. As the world’s largest domain registrar, GoDaddy servers deal with more than 10 billion DNS queries every single day. In addition, the company manages some 53 million domain names and hosts websites for more than 5 million customers. It will take some time for them to complete their IPv6 upgrade in a way that doesn’t compromise customer service.

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